Does Permanent Makeup Hurt?

Does Permanent Makeup hurt?

MD Permanent Makeup HurtMany people considering permanent makeup find themselves concerned with the level of discomfort they may experience.  Typically, the first question from a new client is, “How bad is this going to hurt?”  When the procedure is finished, they usually admit that the anticipated discomfort is far worse than what they actually experienced.  My clients report feeling the vibration of the machine and a slight scratching sensation from the pigment application.   On a scale of 1 to 10, from personal experience with permanent eyeliner, I would rate the discomfort at a 3.  When I provide permanent makeup services at Westminster Permanent Makeup, I apply a topical anesthetic.  During the procedure, I continue to apply topical anesthetic.  This minimizes any discomfort you may otherwise feel.  I am always available and happy to answer any questions about permanent makeup services at Westminster Permanent Makeup.  You can email me, call or fill out our quick form to schedule a free consultation.