Permanent eyeliner is perfect for the active women, women that wear contact lenses, women allergic to makeup and those that simply have trouble applying eyeliner.  You won’t be limited to the common dark eyeliner color.

Custom colors will be mixed for you to achieve your desired affect.  It’s possible to create soft smudges or more dramatic lines. Permanent eyeliner can be applied to the top lash line as well as the bottom lash line, enhancing the shape and natural color of your eyes.

If you’re someone that does not normally wear eyeliner, you can have an eyelash enhancement.  During this procedure pigment would be applied just to the lash line.  The pigment is implanted between the lashes and looks like natural hair strokes.   The look is a thicker, fuller looking lash without wearing mascara.

Permanent Eyeliner Process

The first part of your appointment will be spent deciding how you want your eyeliner to look.  This includes deciding on the overall shape of your eyeliner to your desired eyeliner color.  While most clients prefer a dark brown to a black eyeliner, an infinite number of colors can be mixed to match the eyeliner color of your choice.

Then, we clean off any residual eye makeup and apply the topical anesthetic.   Once the topical anesthetic has taken affect, color is then implanted.  Within minutes, you will have beautiful permanent eyeliner!

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