Areola Tattooing

After breast reconstruction, many women decide to complete the process by having the areola and nipple micropigmentation procedure.  Custom colors will be mixed for you and special areola tattooing techniques will be used to create the appearance of a natural areola and nipple.

Dr. Jeffrey Horowitz, M.D. , Plastic Surgery, exclusively refers his patients to us for all post breast reconstruction procedures.

Perfect Ending

There are many options available to women that lose one or both breasts to cancer.  Breast reconstruction from a skilled plastic surgeon will put you well on your way to feeling whole again. The last few steps to a complete breast reconstruction include nipple and areola reconstruction.  Whether you are left with simply a breast mound, or a grafted areola and nipple, nipple and areola tattooing is the finishing touch to complete your total reconstruction.

Custom colors will be created for you by mixing our pigments to match the color of your natural areola complex.  If your plastic surgeon created a nipple button for you, this area will also be tattood.   If you did not opt to have your nipple and areola reconstructed, artistic tattoo techniques will be used to create a natural looking areola complex as well as a nipple with a 3 dimensional, realistic appearance.

Private and Professional

We take your nipple areola tattoo experience very seriously.  Gina, who is a cancer survivor,  understands the need for privacy and a supportive environment.  All of our nipple areola tattooing procedures are done in a comfortable private room.

Safe and Sterile

The health and safety of our clients is our number one priority.  We use disposable, one use needles.  All other equipment used for tattooing is cleaned in our on site autoclave.   Every precaution is taken to avoid cross contamination.  We do not use iron oxide pigments.

Questions Answered

We encourage all of our potential nipple areola tattoo clients to contact us for any unanswered questions.  Feel free to give us a call at (443) 508-8102 or you can schedule a free consultation on our form now.

Out of respect for the privacy of our clients before and after pictures will not be posted on our website.   Before and after photos are shared during your free consultation.  Schedule your free consultation today.

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